The influx of younger, lower-mileage sleeper tractors into the wholesale marketplace continues to shake up the mix of trucks sold. Average age has reached parity with the retail channel, and the number of trucks with under 600,000 miles sold so far in 2014 is already greater than in all of 2013. 

Specifically, the average truck sold at auction or dealer-to-dealer in July brought $41,107, had 571,042 miles, and was 74 months old. Month-over-month, pricing was $616 (or 1.5%) higher, mileage was 44,729 (or 7.3%) lower, and age was 3 months younger. Year-over-year, July 2014 pricing was $15,512 (or 60.6%) higher than July 2013, mileage was 116,945 (or 17.0%) lower, and age was a full year younger.

Drilling down into individual model years and mileage ranges, 2-5 year-old trucks with under 600,000 miles were generally down mildly month-over-month. Year-over-year comparisons are still extremely favorable.

The traditional 12-18 month age spread between trucks sold wholesale vs. those sold retail now stands at about 0. The average mileage spread is only mildly lower, at about 100,000 miles. So while trucks are trending younger in the wholesale market, they have accumulated more miles than their retailed counterparts. Trucks that accumulate lower annual mileage are still cherry-picked for the retail channel.

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