Last week, we reported on a decrease in number of trucks retailed by dealers in August compared to July. We thought that this movement might have indicated a relaxation of demand as fleets and operators shift to the busiest of the freight-hauling months, but pricing didn’t move as a result. Our universal average pricing was almost identical to July’s record, despite the lower volume.

Specifically, the average sleeper tractor retailed in August for $60,459 – a mere $308 (or 0.5%) decrease month-over-month, and a $6,369 (or 11.8%) increase year-over-year. Average mileage was 510,445 – 6,561 (or 1.3%) higher month-over-month, and 27,135 (or 5.0%) lower year-over-year. Age was 75 months – 1 month older than July, and 2 moths younger than August 2013.

The decline in volume was roughly across-the-board, with no age or mileage group performing better or worse than another. Our forecast still shows mild downward movement in pricing, but based on August’s performance, we’ll be surprised if movement is notable. The market is still efficiently absorbing the increased number of available late-model trucks.