With about 95% of our June sales data received, we can start looking at results.

First, as mentioned previously, the number of sales reported by dealers was back in positive territory after a notable drop in May. It looks like June will be up about 10-15% over last month, putting us back near March levels.

Second, the average sleeper tractor looks to have brought about $500 more in June than in May, despite (and you knew this was coming) another jump in average mileage, this time by a notable 8000.

Four-year-old sleepers should be back in positive territory, rising a mileage-adjusted $800 over May’s unexpected $3000 decrease – but the real story here is a massive increase in average mileage, on the order of 21,500.

The takeaway here is that there is still plenty of marketplace headroom for higher mileage. Given that the economy overall is in a slower growth mode, June’s results are clear evidence that the used truck market is still critically undersupplied.

Look for complete analysis in our next edition of Guidelines early next month.