The average sleeper tractor retailed in September for $1,103 (or 1.8%) less than August, despite average mileage 8,577 (or 1.7%) lower. This mild downward movement is largely a natural market development, although an increased volume of International ProStar sales has impacted conditions recently.

Specifically, the average sleeper tractor retailed in September for $59,356, had 501,868 miles, and was 75 months old. Year-over-year, average pricing was up $5,663 (or 10.5%), mileage was down 35,707 (or 6.6%), and age was 3 months younger. 

The supply of model-year 2010-2013 trucks has steadily expanded since early spring thanks to increased trade activity – that’s old news. The new factor to watch is the increased proportion of the market comprised of the ProStar. August and September data showed higher sales of group package deals of this model (see graph).

If we exclude the ProStar from our calcuations, the August-September pricing decline was 1.2%. So the ProStar was responsible for 0.6% of overall market depreciation. General increased supply of other models is responsible for the remainder. This is a factor we have discussed all year, and our forecast of 1-1.5% depreciation for 2011 and newer trucks remains in place.