Economic conditions impacting the market for construction trucks continue to gradually improve, and pricing for our 6-9 year-old benchmark group is up in 2014 compared to same-period last year. The number of trucks sold in this cohort is essentially identical to last year, while the number of trucks sold overall is 21.6% higher. 

Looking at pricing, the average selling price of a 6-9 year-old construction truck in 2014 to date is $70,836. This figure is $1,768 (or 2.6%) higher than same-period 2013. Mileage for this average truck is 265,187, a 26,867 (or 11.3%) increase year-over-year. 

5-year-old and newer trucks are still difficult to find in the secondary market, and pricing generally reflects that low supply. 6-figure pricing is typical for dumps and mixers less than 6 years old. The build rate of these trucks during the recession was extremely low, and the returning supply of 2009-2011 model-year construction trucks will impact pricing for at least two more years.

See graphs below for detail.