The average wholesale price of a sleeper tractor sold in October pulled well back from September, but we consider this month somewhat anomalous due to a much lower volume of trucks reported sold. A number of our larger reporting dealers missed the deadline this month, which means their data could not be included in our calculations. As such, the decreased volume is an internal variable, not indicative of market conditions.

With that caveat in mind, this month’s averages look a lot more like 2013 than 2014. Specifically, the average sleeper tractor sold at auction or dealer-to-dealer in October brought $32,920 – a $14,088 (or 30.0%) decrease month-over-month, but a $3,637 (or 12.4%) increase over October 2013. Average mileage was also more typical of year-ago levels, coming in at 621,441, for a 129,281 (or 25.3%) increase over September, but a 41,794 (or 6.3%) decrease vs. October 2013. Average age was 82 months – 18 higher than September, but 1 lower than October 2013. See graph below for detail.

Sales volume was more evenly spread across the mileage spectrum this month, with the 400-500K cohort similar to other mileage groups. Volume by model was also more evenly spread.

Basically, we’re not assigning much importance to this one-month shift in our averages. We expect figures to return to trend next month as our data supply returns to normal.

Look for additional detail in the December edition of Guidelines, available next week.