In response to customer feedback, NADA has added a Service/Utility Body option to the Commercial Truck Guide. Since NADA is the leading third-party provider of benchmark used vehicle values, this enhancement should help to streamline the financing process.

“Any time we expand our option content, it reduces the need for dealers and finance operations to negotiate a value for specific equipment. Customers have been requesting a used value for utility bodies, and now we’re providing one,” says Senior Analyst and Product Manager Chris Visser.

Specifically, NADA is now valuing the basic, standard utility body typically used by a wide spectrum of contractors, skilled technicians, and other professionals. Values are included starting with the December edition.

Customers are reminded that the NADA value for this body is not intended to reflect its cost new  – rather, it reflects NADA’s assessment of the body’s contribution to the value of the vehicle overall. 

If you would like to view the new body values but do not currently subscribe to NADA’s valuation products, please click here to purchase a Commercial Truck Mini-Pack.

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