With 100% of our dealer sales collected, November’s retail sales volume came in at 4.5 trucks per rooftop. This result makes November the slowest month since January of 2010 – back in the early stages of the recovery. 

While low, this figure is not cause for alarm. November is typically a slow month for sales, as buyers have largely completed their strategic purchases for the year and are concentrating on the holiday shipping season. Also, the 4.5 figure is only 0.2 truck lower than the previous low point set in June of last year, so it’s not a total outlier. 

On the wholesale side, dealers sold an average of 1.7 trucks per rooftop – identical to last month. Based on recent wholesale activity, it appears that major trade activity peaked in September. 

Pricing is a more meaningful indicator of shifting market conditions, and preliminary analysis of November’s results doesn’t suggest any notable change there. As such, we consider this month’s volume a “typical slow November” that is a bit slower than usual.

Stay tuned next week for final retail and wholesale pricing results.