Following a somewhat bizarre October which saw big changes in volume and the mileage and age of trucks sold, November’s wholesale figures returned to trend. Volume was similar to October, but as the last two months of the year are typically slow, this figure was less of a surprise. More importantly, age and mileage demographics returned to trend, moving pricing and mileage averages back to more typical levels.

Specifically, the average sleeper tractor sold at auction or dealer-to-dealer in November brought $45,529 and had 519,923 miles. Compared to October, this average truck brought $12,609 (or 38.3%) more, and had 101,518 (or 16.3%) fewer miles. Compare to November 2013, this average truck brought $15,535 (or 51.8%) more, and had 119,857 (or 18.7%) fewer miles.

Throughout the year, the age of trucks entering the market has trended younger. As we’ve stated, this shift is the end result of fleets moving back to shorter trade cycles. The market is now in the thick of the 3-5 year trade cycle of trucks built post-recession. Depreciation for individual trucks has been generally mild, with the exception of specific models that saw large packages of trades.

Stay tuned early next week for a look at the retail market, and look for a detailed review of all segments of the used truck market in the January edition of Guidelines, available early next month.