As a group, 3-year-old aerodynamic sleepers dipped in value this month, driven mainly by higher volumes of the International ProStar and a mild decrease from the market-leading Freightliner Cascadia and Peterbilt 587. However, strength in other models leaves our assessment of marketplace stability intact.

The Cascadia and 587 have returned very similar pricing in 2014, with both trucks returning the most steady and generally highest values in the aerodynamic sleeper segment. That trend changed in November, with the Volvo VNL 730/780 turning in a strong result for the 3rd month in a row, and the Peterbilt 386 swinging back upwards to actually take the top spot this month.

Average mileage of 730/780’s sold has decreased mildly since August, likely contributing to its stronger performance. This model still returns higher mileage than the average, though, at 414,502 (vs. 360,870) for the year to date. This factor underlines the model’s healthy pricing.

386’s actually averaged very high mileage this month – 485,483 – which makes its higher pricing unexpected. The spec mix of 386’s sold this month was slightly higher, with 52% of that model equipped with a 13 speed or higher transmission, compared to 40% last month. This spec level could partially explain the strong pricing.

The Cascadia returns mileage right at the group average, but is by far the most popular in terms of volume. Through November, there have been 442 2012 Cascadia sleepers reported sold – fully 33% of the group overall, and 200 greater than the next-highest-volume truck, the T660. The model’s strong pricing despite this high volume is evidence of high marketplace regard.

Stay tuned for results from the 4-year-old cohort early next month.

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