With all of our expected December sales data collected, December’s results turned around November’s drop, coming in at 5.9 trucks sold per rooftop. This result is 1.4 trucks higher than November, and 0.4 truck lower than last December. All in, dealers retailed an average of 5.9 trucks per rooftop in 2014, identical to 2013.

Aside from November, 2014 was generally less volatile than 2013, despite a Congressional election. 2013’s 4th quarter results were negatively influenced by extended budget theatrics on the part of our elected leaders and a harsh winter that began in December.

Going forward, there are minimal factors that will negatively impact volume. A winter comparable to 2013 could put a damper on sales, but economic conditions are incrementally better than last year, and there’s no election this year. Expect retail sales to hover around the 6.0 mark as a rule of thumb.