We’ve already provided a 2014 wrap-up, but final December results are now in, and we can confirm that 2014 closed out on a mild down note. Sleeper tractors were down across-the-board in December, with the month’s result of $56,866 representing a decrease of $2,893 (or 4.8%) month-over-month. However, year-over-year results were favorable, with this December up $2,670 (or 4.9%) over December 2013.

Mileage was mildly lower than November, at 487,865 – a 9,581 (or 1.9%) decrease. The decline from December 2013 was more notable, at 40,183 (or 7.6%).

Trucks with under 400,000 miles performed well, generally bucking the depreciation trend. However, the much greater volume of trucks with mileage higher than this contributed to the downward movement.

Stay tuned for wholesale results next week. Also, note that this will be the last blog entry until the 29th. Look for our ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truick Guide booth at the ATD/NADA Convention!