As with the retail channel, we’ve already provided a 2014 wrap-up, but final December results are now in, and we can confirm that wholesale pricing also closed out 2014 on a mild down note. Sleeper tractors were down across-the-board in December, with the month’s result of $37,724 representing a decrease of $7,805 (or 17.1%) month-over-month. As in the retail channel, though, year-over-year results were favorable, with this December up $6,946 (or 18.4%) over December 2013.

Mileage was up month-over-month, which largely explains the price decline. December’s average of 604,169 was 84,246 (or 16.2%) higher than November, but 39,456 (or 6.1%) lower than December 2013.

Drilling down to model year and mileage ranges, movement was mixed, but generally mildly downward. Stay tuned next week for deeper analysis.