Like the conventional segment, cabovers ended 2014 relatively strongly, with pricing for our 4-7 year-old benchmark group stable month-over-month, and volume up substantially.

In December, the average 4-7 year-old cabover sold wholesale for $15,480 and had 118,090 miles. Pricing was down by $333 (or 2.1%) month-over-month, but up by an impressive $3,938 (or 34.1%) year-over-year. Mileage was 36,883 (or 23.8%) lower month-over-month, and 4,133 (or 3.6%) higher year-over-year. See graph below for detail.

Volume is the changing factor in this segment. The first three quarters of 2014 saw an extremely low number of 4-7 year-old cabovers sold, but the 4th quarter came back on-line with a whopping 80.0% increase vs. the 3rd quarter. Year-over-year, the 4th quarter was 12.5% ahead of same-period 2013. 

Stable pricing on higher volume suggests improved demand. With three months of this behavior on the books, we’re ready to call it a trend.