The volume of sub-400,000-mile sleeper tractors sold in the retail channel continues to increase, but pricing hasn’t yet suffered. In fact, January’s results show an across-the-board increase in pricing from December that pushed our universal benchmark average to a new all-time record.

Specifically, the average sleeper tractor retailed in January for $62,246. This figure beats the previous record set in October 2014 by $1,162 (or 1.9%). Month-over-month, January’s result was $5,380 (or 9.5%) higher than December’s. Year-over-year, this month came in $5,855 (or 10.4%) higher than January 2014. See graph below for detail.

3-5 year-old trucks now comprise more than half of the trucks in our sleeper database – 53% in January, up from 43% in January of 2014. This proportional shift is a result of the increased supply off late-model trucks coming in off trade. We’ve been predicting a relaxation of pricing based on this supply increase – an assessment that was supported by market performance in the late 4th quarter of 2014. But 2015 has started out unexpectedly strong, and depreciation might be lighter than expected in the short term. Stay tuned.