The average dealership rooftop retailed just 4.3 trucks in February, a downright dismal figure that is the lowest since the earliest stages of the recovery. We have to go back to January of 2010 – a full 5 years – to see a figure this low. This bleak result follows January’s moderately disappointing figure of 5.1. Weather was undoubtedly a factor, as February was probably the worst month of a very rough winter nationwide. See graph below for detail.

On the wholesale side, however, volume was actually up over January, which indicates dealers and end users had enough confidence in their inventory needs to acquire used iron. As such, we’ll attribute weak retail demand primarily to weather for another month. 

At the same time, there have been large-scale changes in pricing due to the continued influx of late-model sleeper tractors coming off trade. We will continue to track the impact of this increased supply in this blog and future editions of Guidelines. Stay tuned early next week for February’s pricing results.