After a notable improvement in early 2014, the Class 3-4 cabover market has plateaued, with little upward or downward movement in the most recent three quarters. Volume is up mildly.

In February, the average 4-7 year-old cabover sold wholesale for $16,853 and had 126,510 miles. Pricing was down by $234 (or 1.4%) month-over-month, but up by an impressive $2,935 (or 21.1%) year-over-year. Mileage was 25,951 (or 25.8%) higher month-over-month, and 14,203 (or 12.6%) higher year-over-year. See graph below for detail.

Volume continues to be the main change agent. There was a 98% increase in the number of cabovers sold in the second half of 2014 vs. the first half, and the first two months of 2015 remain at that elevated level. 

The supply/relationship appears not to have changed much in three quarters, but this segment has clearly recovered from its recent low point in 2013.