The May edition of the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide® is now available. In response to customer feedback, this edition contains values for the Caterpillar CT660 construction truck, as well as a “Fresh Engine Overhaul” option.

The CT660 was introduced for the 2012 model year. Since then, NADA’s analysts have scoured our auction, wholesale, and retail sales data for records of this model sold. As with most construction trucks, the model is low-volume, and purchasers typically hold onto their trucks longer than the 3-5 years typical of a highway tractor user. For these reasons, it is only now that we have seen a usable volume of these trucks sold, and have been able to make a valuation judgment. For now, only the 2013 and 2014 model years are valued. This is because other model years have not yet appeared in the secondary market to any notable extent.

The other major addition to the Commercial Truck Guide is a value for an engine overhaul. As the price of a new truck has steadily increased, owners have increasingly opted to overhaul their existing truck’s engine instead of trading it in. Demand for a NADA value that specifically addresses an overhaul has become stronger, and now we are addressing that request. This enhancement should assist with financing, as the value added for an overhaul is now specifically listed as a line item. The option is called “Fresh Engine Overhaul,” and includes a stipulation that the overhaul must include rods and mains, cylinder kit, and full documentation.

We hope these enhancements help to streamline our clients’ day-to-day business. As always, NADA Senior Analyst Chris Visser is eager to hear feedback. Contact him at