As reported today in trucking media, Rush Enterprises announced a subsidiary called Momentum Fuel Technologies, which will manufacture and install Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) power solutions for Class 6 to 8 trucks.

Last October, we analyzed the factors driving the new and used markets for natural gas trucks. Not much has changed since then – the low price of crude continues to limit demand for alternative fuels. CNG does seem to be gaining favor over LNG, as Rush Chairman, CEO, and President Rusty Rush hints at in the article linked above.

NADA still has no plans to value natural gas trucks in the short term. There are still very few natural gas trucks showing up in our retail or wholesale sales databases, and we don’t expect to see an actionable volume in the near term. 

We will continue to closely monitor our incoming sales data from Manheim, ADESA, regional auctions, individual dealers, dealer groups, and OEM’s for sales of NG trucks. If you are currently buying or selling used NG trucks, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at