On a mileage-adjusted basis, the used truck market overall saw little change in pricing from May. Combined with this month’s increased sales volume, we characterize June’s wholesale market as healthy.

The average used sleeper tractor wholesaled in June for $41,598, had 561,310 miles, and was 76 months old. Compared to May, this truck brought $2,937 (or 7.6%) more money, had 28,880 (or 4.9%) fewer miles, and was 6 months newer. Compared to June 2014, this average truck brought $1,107 (or 2.7%) more money, had 54,461 (or 8.8%) fewer miles, and was 1 month newer. See graph below for detail.

(Graph no longer available)

Narrowing focus to 3-5 year-old trucks, that cohort appreciated 3.1% month-over-month, but brought 6.8% less year-over-year.  In terms of the year to date, this group is running 8.2% behind last year. This negative movement is due entirely to 5 year-old trucks, which are averaging a whopping 26.4% less than last year. Until this month, that average was dragged down by a high volume of International ProStars cycling through the market. However, that truck was represented in much more proportional numbers in June. The main factor for this group’s lower pricing was higher than average mileage for trucks reported sold. At least one truck had over 900,000 miles, which is a pretty incredible usage history for a 2011 model year truck. A group of Caterpillar C15-powered Peterbilt 386’s was a secondary factor. See graph below for detail.

(Graph no longer available)

Compared to last year, the number of 3-5 year-old sleepers sold wholesale is up 21.8%.

Stay tuned for further analysis in upcoming days. As always, feel free to add your observations about market conditions in the Comments section.