After a strong start to the year, pricing reversed course in May, posting a major month-over-month decrease. June recovered moderately, but not enough to bring average pricing back to 1st quarter levels.

Specifically, the average 4-7 year-old cabover sold wholesale in June for $14,814 and had 132,607 miles. Pricing was up by $1,183 (or 8.7%) month-over-month, but down $1,285 (or 8.0%) year-over-year. Mileage was 4,091 (or 3.2%) higher month-over-month, and 13,924 (or 11.7%) higher year-over-year. See graph below for detail.

(Graph no longer available)

Despite the two-month slump, pricing in the 1st half of 2015 is still 11.4% ahead of same-period 2014, with a substantial increase in sales volume. There are currently no real factors behind this pricing reversal, so we will continue to monitor the market and identify developing trends.