Through July, the number of sales reported from auction and dealer sources in 2015 is 25,574. This figure is 1,586 (or 6.6%) higher than the same period of 2014. July 2015 came in at 3,480, for a 737-unit (or 17.5%) decrease compared to a very strong June, but a 271-unit (or 8.4%) increase over July 2014. See graph below for detail.

(Graph no longer available)

The dealer channel saw a major increase in wholesale sales in July, at 3.3 trucks per rooftop – a 1.7-truck increase over June, and a 1.2-truck increase over July 2014. July’s result was the largest since December of 2010, and the second-largest since the economic recovery began. Dealers have wholesaled an average of 14.5 trucks per rooftop in 2015 to date, as opposed to 12.1 through the same period of 2014.

The increased wholesale activity overall is most likely a result of the increased trades driven by higher new truck deliveries. Wholesale activity at the dealer level probably reflects the need to cycle higher levels of inventory off the books.

Pricing data will paint a clearer picture of July’s market. Stay tuned for those numbers early next week.