With approximately 85% of our August sales data collected, we estimate that dealers retailed an average of 4.4 trucks per rooftop this month. If this estimate holds up, August’s results will represent a 0.6 truck decrease from July, and a 1.2 truck decline from August 2014. See graph below for detail.

2015 to date has yet to hit the 6.0 truck level – a benchmark that was common in post-recession months until this year. 2015 is now running a full 1.0 trucks behind 2014, at 5.0 versus 6.0.

To date, retail sales per rooftop is essentially the only measure to compare negatively year-over-year. Wholesale volume remains stronger than last year, and retail and wholesale pricing is generally similar to last year. As such, we consider the market to be in a maturing state. Our depreciation forecast of 1-2% per month remains intact.

Stay tuned for pricing data early next week. Also, if you happen to be attending the FTR Transportation Conference this week, track me down and say hi.