As is the case every March, a new model year has been added to the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide. Online and electronic versions of the Guide now include model years 2016-2000. The print edition includes model years 2016-2007.

Class 8 manufacturers traditionally assign the next calendar year to their new trucks in January or February. Currently, new Class 8 trucks are built as model year 2017. The Commercial Truck Guide is one year “behind” the actual new model year designation because essentially no trucks enter the used market in their first year of service. As such, there is no reason to include current model year trucks in the Guide.

As we’ve mentioned, our mileage calculations were updated for the February edition to account for the model year switchover. Also, for market analysis purposes, we have been using the following definitions of age since January:

  • 1 year-old: 2016 model year
  • 2 year old: 2015 model year
  • 3 year old: 2014 model year

And so on.

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