In April, our benchmark group of the three highest-volume sleeper tractors of model years 2011-2013 saw a substantial drop in volume. Pricing was mixed.

Compared to March, there were 336 (or 67.2%) fewer of these trucks sold through the nation’s two largest no-reserve auction houses. Pricing of our benchmark model dropped an average of $1,667 (or 4.5%) in this period. Pricing results were mixed, with newer trucks performing better than older. Specific performance was as follows:

MY2013: $40,907 average; $3,907 (or 9.6%) higher than March

MY2012: $30,600 average; $6,944 (or 18.5%) lower than March

MY2011: $35,357 average; $1,963 (or 5.3%) lower than March

See graph below for detail.

The steep February to March decrease in pricing for 2013 examples of our benchmark truck looks to have been a minor anomaly attributable to very low volume. The market corrected a bit in April. Units of model year 2012 decreased substantially. There was a low volume of this model year sold in April, but since mid-2015, it has been the highest-volume year overall. 2011 models look to have stabilized a bit.

We will continue to adjust our published values to match our interpretation of retail and wholesale selling price data. Feel free to provide your observations or experience using our Comments function.