The Class 3-4 cabover segment was defined by older, higher-mileage trucks for a second month in a row. As a result, wholesale pricing for our benchmark group bucked our prediction of a return to trend, coming in $356 (or 3.0%) lower than April’s average, at $11,341. This figure is $2,290 (or 16.8%) lower than May 2015. Trucks at each mileage level are bringing less money than last year, so there may be a depreciation trend developing. See graph below for detail.

Class 4 conventionals performed similarly to last month, with May’s average coming in at $18,055 - $467 (or 2.5%) lower than April, and $2,329 (or 11.4%) lower than May 2015. As in the cabover segment, an older, higher-mileage mix of trucks sold wholesale this month. Also, trucks at each mileage level are trending lower than last year.

Class 6 conventionals dropped notably in May, despite a reduction in average mileage for our benchmark group. The average 4-7 year-old Class 6 conventional wholesale in May for $17,810. This figure is $2,176 (or 10.9%) lower than April, and a massive $6,226 (or 25.9%) lower than May 2015. Like our other benchmark segments, trucks at each mileage level are bringing less money in 2016 than 2015. An industry-wide trend may be developing, and we will investigate further. Stay tuned.