Occasionally we’ll post a look at our raw data just for transparency’s sake. The first graph below gives you a look at where the bulk of our sleeper data lies. Specifically, the graph illustrates the number of sleeper tractors reported sold (retail) for each model year from 2011-2000. The second graph traces average selling price and mileage for those model years. For both graphs, data is from January-September 2011.

Keep in mind we’ve pruned out trucks with over 1,000,000 miles, so average mileage for older model years may “seem” low. Also, to clarify, this is just a portion of the total Class 8 data we receive – daycabs, construction/vocational trucks, trucks with over 1,000,000 miles, and auction/wholesale sales are not included here.

Again, this is just a look at our raw data. No real observations to be drawn here other than the fact that the sweet spot in our sleeper data is 4-7 model-year-old trucks, and that there is a near-perfect negative correlation between mileage and price.

As always, comments are welcome.