To follow up on our look at medium duty prices from a few weeks ago, here are those graphs with sales volume added. Again, data reflects trucks that were 3-6 years old at time of sale, so we’re looking at the 2009-2006 model years. Data is auction (AuctionNet) and wholesale (dealer sales reports).

As mentioned previously, there aren’t too many conclusions to draw from price. Both segments have been essentially flat all year, reflecting the limited change in performance of their respective markets.

On the volume side, we see a minor uptick starting in late spring for the cabover segment. Increased volume along with steady selling prices is mildly encouraging. Looking at conventionals, we see a lot more volatility in volume. This volatility is likely caused by timing of rental fleet lease returns. There was some mildly inverse pricing behavior in those months with big swings in volume, but in general it appears that there is a comfort level with conventional pricing regardless of the number of trucks available.
As always, we continue to monitor these segments for fundamental shifts. Your observations are welcome below.