After a rough second quarter, the Class 3-4 cabover market stabilized in July. Units 4-7 years of age averaged $12,995 in July. This figure is $101 (or 1.5%) higher than June, but $4,064 (or 23.8%) lower than July 2015. Year to date, 2016 is running $1,802 (or 10.9%) behind 2015.

July’s stable result improved the monthly average depreciation figure for 2016. This segment is now running at about 5-6% depreciation per month. 2016 is still unfavorable compared to 2015, which showed 2-3% per month over the same period. Volume, up notably in 2016, is the most likely explanation for the lower selling prices.

Stay tuned for Class 4 and 6 Conventional results next week.