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November 2012
NADA Donates $1 Million to Jump-Start Fundraising for Emergency Relief Following Hurricane Sandy

The National Automobile Dealers Association has pledged $1 million to jump-start a national fund-raising campaign for the Emergency Relief Fund of the association’s charitable foundation.

Used-Vehicle Prices to Increase in Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Used-vehicle prices are expected to increase in the near term after Hurricane Sandy destroyed thousands of vehicles. The National Automobile Dealers Association predicts prices for used vehicles up to 8-years-old will be between 0.5% to 1.5% higher in December because of Hurricane Sandy.

NADA Used Vehicle Price Forecast: Winter/Spring 2012-2013
We’ve seen rapid growth in used vehicle prices over the past three years. While many factors have contributed to the trend, the most important ones have been increasing demand and decreasing supply in the used vehicle market. Now, as the economy slowly improves and consumer habits begin to change, how much longer will the trend last?

September 2012
Used Vehicle Trade-in Equity on the Rise

A declining supply of used vehicles, strong consumer demand and improving vehicle quality have resulted in higher trade-in equity on many used cars and light trucks.

NADA Adds Certified Pre-Owned Values to 'Used Car Guide'
The National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide is now providing manufacturer-certified pre-owned (CPO) values for every qualified vehicle in its printed and electronic editions.

NADA Used Car Guide Executive Discusses Optimizing the Power of the Dealership’s Data
Stu Zalud, NADA Used Car Guide executive, will teach dealers and managers how to protect and leverage the data that they already have to improve their dealership’s effectiveness and profitability.

August 2012
NADA Special Report - Volatility in Used Vehicle Depreciation: Historical Trends & Future Outlook
NADA released a special report highlighting why we've seen so much volatility in depreciation in the past, what to expect in terms of depreciation through 2014, how external factors influence depreciation trends and which vehicle segments face a greater upturn in depreciation. Download this extensive report today! 

June 2012
2012 Special Analysis: Luxury Brand Trends and Used Price Forecast
NADA released a 2012 special analysis report on luxury brand trends and used prices which includes how luxury brand demand in the new market is affecting used prices, which luxury brands have seen used prices improve the most, predictions for used luxury supply through 2014 and an assessment of luxury brand incentive spending and new vehicle demand.

Download a copy of NADA Used Car Guide's special analysis report here.
Dealer Wizard Integrates NADA AppraisalPRO into its Product Offerings
Dealer Wizard, a developer of dealer management software, has added the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)’s AppraisalPRO as a standard feature to help clients better manage their used-vehicle inventory. NADA AppraisalPRO provides leading market data to make fast and fair appraisals, either online or by Smartphone, using data from six industry-leading sources.

May 2012
Used Vehicle Supply: Future Outlook and the Impact on Used Vehicle Prices

Recently, NADA published a report titled Used Vehicle Supply:  Future Outlook and the Impact on Used Vehicle Prices to address the steady decline of used vehicle supply over the past few years due to the substantial drop-off in new vehicle sales and lease originations.  In fact, NADA estimates that the supply of used vehicles up to five years in age was 17% lower in 2011 than it was in 2008.

Download a copy of NADA Used Car Guide’s report here. In addition to gaining access to NADA’s long-term used supply forecast, the paper will leave readers with a better understanding of just how influential used supply has been on used vehicle prices to-date and how this critical component will continue to support prices near-term. 

April 2012
NADA, J.D. Power Form Strategic Alliance

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has formed a strategic alliance with J.D. Power and Associates to help dealers leverage their own business data to receive enhanced market intelligence through J.D. Power’s Power Information Network (PIN). The alliance is a major step in NADA’s ongoing efforts to help dealers use their data to improve operations while satisfying their regulatory obligations.

NADA Used Car Guide: Used Car Prices in 2012 Set to Peak in April
Trade-in values on used cars are expected to peak over the next few weeks, said Jonathan Banks, executive automotive analyst with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Used Car Guide. “While prices for all used-vehicle segments will remain stable over the next two months, compact and mid-size cars will appreciate in value and outpace other segments because of rising gasoline prices, shortage of inventory and strong consumer demand for fuel-efficient vehicles,” Banks said.

March 2012
NADA Used Car Guide: Gasoline Prices Expected to Peak at $4 per Gallon in May; Impact on Used Vehicle Prices Mild

Tensions over Iran's nuclear program are pushing up global oil prices and as a result, American consumers are paying more at the gas pump than they should be otherwise."Right now we're forecasting that prices for regular grade gasoline will peak at a national average of $4 per gallon in May," said Jonathan Banks, executive automotive analyst for the NADA Used Car Guide. Banks points out that gasoline prices are being affected by the expectation that the oil supply in Iran will be disrupted – possibly by way of a military strike – rather than from any real loss in the amount of oil being produced. 

February 2012
Factory Image Programs:
An NADA Research Project
In response to dealer concerns, NADA commissioned last August the “Factory Image Programs” study to provide an objective, unbiased and neutral analysis of the various factors that drive the economics of facility programs.

January 2012
NAAA and NADA Extend AuctionNet Partnership through 2016
NAAA and NADA Used Car Guide announced a new agreement that will extend their AuctionNet partnership through 2016. Through the NAAA partnership, NADA Used Car Guide analyzes and distributes AuctionNet, which collects 140,000 to 200,000 raw auction transactions each week from more than 150 auctions nationwide. AuctionNet is the largest electronic wholesale network available in the United States and includes all reported auction sales from Manheim and ADESA.


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