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Mitsubishi Looks to Make a Comeback in its Race for Survival

For decades, Mitsubishi competed in various forms of racing, particularly off-road and rally racing, and achieved much success despite not being a major auto manufacturer. In doing so, the company demonstrated its engineering prowess, which spawned generations of vehicles utilizing Mitsubishi’s famed all-wheel drive technologies. In recent years, however, the Japanese brand has skidded into a series of rough patches and has seemingly lost its way in the form of falling sales figures. With much of the competition leaving Mitsubishi in the dust, doubts have arisen over the viability of ...

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Sonic’s Stand-Alone Pre-Owned Program: Another Factor to Support Used Vehicle Prices

There are numerous factors currently helping to sustain used vehicle prices at historically high levels: economic improvements, relatively tight supply, greater certified pre-owned awareness and an extremely favorable credit environment. But an often overlooked factor is the increased focus that dealers have on improving used vehicle operations. Sonic Automotive’s announcement this week that they will be opening numerous stand-alone pre-owned stores exemplifies this trend. Once considered something of a nettlesome by-product of new vehicles sales, used vehicle operations have assumed a more ...

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The Honda Civic: If it Ain’t Broke, Go Ahead and Fix it Anyway

After only one year of production, the recently redesigned Honda Civic has already gone under the knife for the’13 model year to give the entire vehicle a major refresh. Enhancing a vehicle this early in its product lifecycle could usually be chalked up to poor sales, but quite the opposite has happened with the Civic. Through the first 11 months of this year Honda has managed to sell almost 285k new units, more than any other car in this segment and 31k more units than second place Toyota Corolla. Looking back over the course of the past five years, the Civic has always landed on top of the ...

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Mid-Month Update: Used Depreciation Ticks Up; Typical Fall Softness Setting In

Market prices for all NADA segments declined by an average of 2.1% through the first half of October or just over a half-percent more than the 1.5% fall recorded over the first half of September. The increased rate of decline observed through the two weeks of October is normal for this time of the year when progressively softer prices are usually recorded through the better part of a given fourth quarter before prices pick back up again as the New Year approaches.   Downward new market price pressure stemming from 2013 model year redesigns of four of the segment’s top five selling mo ...

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Gas Prices Jump 24 Cents in Two Weeks – Used Price Reaction?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, don’t drive an automobile, or have been so fixated on the Summer Olympics that you haven’t had time to absorb the news, you’ve probably noticed that gasoline prices have spiked dramatically over the past two weeks. There are numerous events that have been directing things behind the scenes here: First, positively viewed comments made by European leaders and the president of the European Central Bank were taken as a sign that the Eurozone crisis might not be as severe as originally thought.  This in turn would translate into stronger than antic ...

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Used Prices Continue to Remain in Positive Territory

Auction prices for the week of October 18th – October 25th showed a mild continuation of the declines we have been seeing during the past few weeks.  Data on small cars continued to drop but at a rate just less than 1% for the week based on our tracking vehicles.  This represents the smallest week to week decline since late August.  Meanwhile truck prices showed little movement during week with prices on most vehicles remaining flat compared to last week’s values. At the subsegment level the largest declines for the week were on luxury models, minivans and mid-size cars with ...

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