When it comes to electric vehicles, most consumers think of Tesla. Since its introduction in 2012, few have challenged Elon Musk and his battery wizardry. A new company is looking to change that, and according to Autoblog, Lucid Motors is ready to debut the Air.

Teased at the LA Auto Show in November, the Air is now ready to take on both the EV and Luxury segments.  A 100kWh battery is standard, but when combined with the optional 130kWh battery, the car has a range of 400 miles per charge. Two electric motors, each producing 600 horsepower, will power both the front and rear wheels and promise a 0 – 60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds.

The Air also comes equipped with the latest self-driving  tech, including short- and long-range radar, cameras, and LIDAR. It will be autonomous-capable when it launches. Pricing will come in at over $100,000 when production starts in 2018, but a more budget-friendly version will be available in the future.