Flagship vehicles represent the pinnacle of a brand. They showcase the most progressive technology and often the future direction of the automobile. Cars like the Mercedes-Benz S class and the BMW 7 series have traditionally held these spots, but a growing automotive trend may bring change. According to Automotive News, SUVs and crossovers are likely the flagship of tomorrow.

Last year, BMW experienced a 42.1 percent increase in sales of crossover vehicles. This year—thanks to low gas prices and shifting consumer preferences—sales expectations are nearly 50 percent more. To capitalize on this growth, BMW has already planned a larger X7 crossover to match its range-topping 7 series. This influential trend has also had resounding effects in the ultra-luxury market. Porsche, Bentley and Rolls-Royce have planned or introduced crossovers that price well into the six-figure category. The Porsche Macan and Cayenne—SUV’s built by a brand known for sports cars—represented two-thirds of the company’s U.S. Sales. While cars still make up much of the volume for many of these luxury brands, a shift is just around the corner.