The Tesla Model 3 is just a few months out from production. A few details—like the battery range—are still speculation, but hints from Elon Musk may have shed some light. According to Motor Authority, the Model 3 will not only beat the new Chevy Bolt EV’s range (at 238-miles), but may actually lead its class.

Earlier this week, Musk replied to a tweet, begging the Model 3 be equipped with a larger range than the Bolt by stating, “Oh so little faith”. The original promise was to deliver 215 miles per charge and a price near $35,000. It’s been confirmed the largest battery the entry-level EV can handle is a 75-kWh (kilowatt hour) unit. In the larger, heavier Model S, the 75-kWh battery delivers 249 miles per charge. In theory, this battery, paired with a lighter model, should exceed the figures set by its larger sibling. The standard 60-kWh battery also looks to eclipse the 215-mile range seen by the Model S.