Spy shots of the latest "king" Corvette have surfaced on the internet. Test mules sporting wide wheels, aggressive styling and that can't miss spoiler are just some of the images enthusiasts are obsessing over. One feature, however, has the web buzzing with speculation. According to Autoblog, the 2018 Corvette ZR1 could be packing a brand new engine under its bulging hood.

The original ZR1, built from 1990-1995, featured a dual-overhead cam(DOHC) V8 built by Lotus. The larger hood on the test mules indicate another, larger, DOHC motor has found its way into Chevrolet's upcoming halo car. The current pushrod V8 allows for a more compact design, but presents some cooling issues when paired with the supercharger in the Z06 model. Will Chevy stick to the current supercharged design, or does it have an entirely new trick up its sleeve? More details will be available with an official statement expected later this year.