With an original manufacturer suggested retail price of $58,003, the AM General Hummer H1 was a polarizing vehicle during its consumer introduction in 1992. Fuel efficiency fans and environmentalists hated it, while off-roaders and large vehicle lovers were enthralled with the battle-tested truck.

Several notable celebrities owned the consumer version of the same vehicle that helped win Operation Desert Storm. Blockbuster actor Arnold Schwarzenegger owned one, as well as the late multi-platinum recording artist, Tupac Shakur.

The MSRP of a base 1996 model year H1 was a little over $58,000. Over the years, the massive Hummer depreciated quickly in value as the cost of fuel in the U.S. increased. The truck then slowly began to appreciate in value several years after the Great Recession due to an end of production in 2006 by owner/manufacturer General Motors.

Recently, we found out a Hummer with significant previous ownership will be up for auction. As mentioned earlier, Tupac Shakur was an owner of the go-anywhere vehicle, and apparently, it is his former vehicle that will be rolling across the auction block later this month.

According to a market value assessment on NADA Guides, a 1996 Hummer would garner the following values if it had no celebrity connection:

Low: $19,900
Average Retail: $33,800
High Retail: $56,500

According to communications from RR Auctions, the rapper/songwriter's Hummer was originally auctioned in May of 2016 for $337,000. Unfortunately, the auction house was never able to collect full payment of the vehicle from the winning bidder, so the vehicle has found its way back into the used auction market.

Will the late Tupac Shakur's former ride beat last year's winning bid? We'll just have to wait and see.