2015 Saleen Mustang 302

Saleen dropped a teaser image onto the web of the 2015 Mustang 302, and boy does it look good.  No details were given about what performance and suspension upgrades will be included in the package, but they have never let us down before. Saleen did go as far as to say that the new Mustang is an “American Exotic.” Let us hope that it lives up to that hype.


New Mazda MX-5 to Debut on September 3rd

Mazda has confirmed that it will debut the new 4th generation Mazda MX-5 on September 3 simultaneously in three different locations: Japan, USA and Europe. Below is a rendering of what it could look like.



707 Horsepower!!! Strongest Muscle Car Ever

Just released by Dodge are the horsepower figures for the new 2015 Challenger SRT with the Hellcat engine.  The number is a face peeling 707 horsepower, making it the most powerful production muscle car ever. One unique feature of the car is that it will come with two key fobs (Red and Black). The red one will unleash the full power of the Hellcat while the black fob is programmed to limit power to only 500 ponies. The 2015 Dodge Challenger and Challenger SRTs are built at the Brampton, Ontario, Assembly Plant and will start arriving in Dodge dealerships in the third quarter of 2014.


Recipe for Success

The third gen Lexus IS has only been out for a year and is already receiving some style and technology upgrades, in order to continue the success it has seen so far. According to Lexus, the new items include LED fog lights, piano black interior trim, Siri Eyes Free voice command, grid lines for the backup camera, and a free one year subscription to the Lexus Enform Remote system.  This system allows for the use of a smartphone to control certain features on the car, like locking and unlocking doors remotely. Pricing for the 2015 IS model will increase by only $450.







Speed Cameras Beware

According to Drive.com, the Hyundai Genesis can help you beat those pesky speed cameras, through a combination of navigation and automatic breaking. By coupling those self-braking systems with camera locations loaded into the car's navigation software, the car will warn drivers 800 meters ahead of speed traps and slow them down to the required speed to avoid the ticket.


Bentley SUV Coming for 2016

Better late than never, Bentley is finally entering the SUV market. As reported by Autocar, it will be hand built and be able to hit speeds of 200 miles per hour, pretty amazing feat for an SUV. How much will this cost you?  The answer is $220,000. This is still significantly more than a Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover.



Widebody Vette Looks Amazing

This widebody corvette done by Office-K and Forgiato looks simply amazing. From the custom grille and splitter, to the rear diffuser and wing, let’s hope that GM takes notice and a future GrandSport or Zora look this good.


Prius Lovers Are Going to Have to Wait

As reported by Automotive News, the next edition of the Toyota Prius is going to be delayed for Six months.  Toyota had initially set a spring launch for the high mpg machine, however, now they say it’s looking like a November release date. Toyota is mum on the reasons for the push back, however, sources say that engineers are tweaking to gain max fuel economy and working on body/chassis issues.