July 25

Making James Bond Jealous

Aston Martin has officially released teasers of the new Lagonda Super Sedan. Styling holds retro cues from the original Lagonda that debuted in 1976. Expect the 6.0L V12 packing about 600hp to power this amazing sedan.


2014 Nismo Note

Nissan announced the release of the Nismo Note today and stated that it will arrive in dealerships in the fall of 2014.  Highlights of the Note Nismo include custom front grille, front and rear bumpers, side sill protectors, roof spoiler, electronic folding red side mirrors, and Nismo badge. Will it be able to compete with the Fiesta ST?


July 24


Reported by Top Speed, via the German site Auto Motor and Sport, Bmw will make an i9 a plug-in hybrid super car for 2016.


Suing Subaru

According to USA Today, Subaru is now involved in a class action lawsuit over how much oil the cars burn off between recommended oil changes.  The issue can also cause damage to vehicles' oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and sparkplugs.


July 23

Tesla Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed to Auto Express that their new model will be called the Tesla Model 3. This car will be a 3 Series/C Class competitor. Pricing for the Model 3 is expected to be around $35,000 and the car should have a range of 200 miles per charge. Plan for this car to hit the market in 2017.


Hot Wheels Meets Star Wars

Hot Wheels launched a line of Star Wars themed vehicles today that will debut at Comic Con. Carbuzz has some of the images available ahead of the release.  There is everything from a Darth Vader Vette to a Chewie Pick Up.


July 22

Buick Envision Leaks Out Before Reveal

GM has another crossover to add to the fold. According to GM Authority, the Envision (see below in the middle) is the newest addition to the Buick brand.  This vehicle will slot in between the Encore and Enclave.  It is a variation on the Equinox or Terrain platform with an increase in luxury equipment.  Power will come from the 2.0L turbo four and produce 256 hp with 260 lb of torque.  This will aid in differentiating between the Chevy and GMC models.


Convertible Viper

Prefix Performance will make your new Dodge Viper, a convertible for a mere $35,000 fee.


July 21

New 2015 Expedition (Not Really)

Ford debuted the new 2015 Expedition; however, it’s disappointing that there really is nothing new about it. Aside from the 3.5L EcoBoost standard engine, it’s the same old Expedition.  It’s not much competition to GM’s all new Tahoe, Yukon, and Escalade.


A Reminder to Drive Safely

Here is a link to a very current Crash Test Video. Remember that nothing is more important than safety when driving. Be careful out there on the road!