August 1

Infiniti’s Battle Plan

Automotive News has reported Infiniti’s future plans.  The manufacturer will produce a performance-engine-powered four-door coupe in 2017 or 2018. They will make an electric sedan, based on the Nissan Leaf. The G37 sedan will continue to soldier on as the Q40.  The compact Q30 hatch will be imported from Sunderland, England, in early 2016 and its sibling, the QX30 crossover version, half a year later.


Alfa SUV

Autoexpress has reported that Alfa Romeo will be bringing an SUV to the USA for 2016. It is expected to be in the X3/Q5 size range with a variant that sports 500 hp to rival Porsche’s new Macan.



July 31

2015 BMW X1 Will Be Front-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive

In June of next year the new X1 will hit dealerships. It will be losing its rear-wheel drive heritage. This change will allow for the vehicle to get a more crossover, less wagon look. According to Autocar, the engines will range from 2.0L producing 231 hp to a 300 hp sport variant. All of this is in response to the new Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA.


Possible Bentley Coupe based on Audi R8

As reported by TopSpeed and Autocar, Bentley could be in the process of developing a sports coupe based on the Audi R8.  Bentley currently only makes three lines of vehicles, so the expansion into the SUV and sports car realm  makes sense.


July 30

F-Type Gets Even Better

Car has learned that Jaguar will be making the F-Type available with an AWD system for 2016. The sinister cat just got even meaner. Maybe it is time for James Bond to switch from Aston to Jag.


F150 Causes GM to Fast Track Next Generation Trucks

 Pricing on the New F150 came out yesterday and the cost heightened by an average of about $1000 for the most popular trim XLT. With all of the benefits that come with the new truck, especially fuel economy, GM is left scrambling a little bit. To combat this, the next gen Silverado/Sierra will debut in 2018 about a year ahead of what was previously planned.



July 29

GLA Pricing

Mercedes has finally let pricing on the 2015 GLA out of the bag. According to Autoblog, GLA250 two-wheel drive starts at $32,225, while 4Matic will cost you $34,225, and the AMG model will set you back $49,225. These figures are $1,400 more than the CLA250 on which it is based.


C Class Pricing

C Class pricing also was released today.  According to MotorAuthority ,the new C will start at $39,325. This is a substantial increase over the outgoing model, however, you are now getting way more car.  The CLA is now the entry level Mercedes, the space the previous C Class used  to occupy.  Size, technology and especially luxury have all increased for the new C Class.  This is most noticeable with the quality of the new interior.



July 28

ATS Coupe Gets More Torque

Cadillac has raised the sport factor on the 2015 ATS by increasing the torque to 295 lb-ft. They did this by increasing the boost pressure and adjusting engine calibration.  In addition, the ATS produces 90% of its peak power in the 2100-3000 rpm range.  These numbers are very impressive and should have the Germans looking over their shoulders.


Second Hellcat Coming?

Just as you started to wrap your head around the new Challenger Hellcat and its 707hp, rumors have started to circulate that the 2015 Charger will receive the Hellcat treatment as well.  This would give Dodge the most powerful sedan on the market, taking the title away from the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG.