October 16

1,000 Lamborghini Huracans Sold in the U.S.

According to LamboCARS, of the 3000 Huracans sold worldwide, a third are from the U.S. market alone. This increase shatters previous records for U.S. consumers. In addition, Lamborghini expects to reach 3,600 sales worldwide in 2014, destroying last year's 2,121 units total.


October 15

ZORA ZR1 Rumors

Top Speed has compiled a list of rumors and renderings of what will make up the new Zora supercar. A $150,000, mid-engine, supercharged V8 monster that is capable of speeds in excess of 200mph. It all seems very logical and looks like a winner for GM that could really put them back on the map.


October 14

Acura’s All Wheel Drive Plan

According to Automotive News, Acura is going to take a page out of Subaru’s playbook and follow their all-wheel drive business model. Acura feels they need to carve out a niche in the premium segment and they sense that AWD is the way to accomplish that.


M2 Could Make 374 Horse Power

The latest rumors out of Germany via Carbuzz is that the M2 will put out 374 horse power. Also included in the rumors is that it will receive a host of technologies from its bigger M3/M4 brothers. Expect deliveries to begin in early 2016.