Consumer Reports just released its Annual Auto Reliability Survey, and the top two spots look very similar to 2013’s results with both Lexus and Toyota at the top of the list. Among other top contenders, Mazda improved its ranking by two spots relative to 2013 to land in third place, while Honda upgraded its ranking by four spots to secure fourth overall. Rounding out the top five spots, Audi slipped by one position compared to 2013, but still managed to secure the fifth spot overall.

Infiniti was one of the biggest disappointments on Consumer Report’s list, dropping 14 spots to 20th place, the biggest decline of any brand. Two other makes also experienced large declines in expected reliability, Mercedes-Benz and GMC slipped by 11 and 10 spots to 24th and 19th, respectively.

Similar to 2013’s results, Chrysler and all of its associated brands are expected to remain near the bottom of the pack. Chrysler brand slipped by four spots to 22nd place, and were followed closely by Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat in spots 25 through 28. Recall riddled GM and all of its brands were near the bottom of the pack as well, with the exception of Buick which improved its rank by six spots to sixth overall.

Surprisingly, it’s not mechanical gremlins that brought down overall reliability scores this year, but rather issues with infotainment systems. In-car electronics are growing issues for many brands, and according to Consumer Reports, “First-year models from Infiniti, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, Cadillac, Ford, and Honda have all seen significant problem rates from infotainment bugs and glitches. Of the 17 problem areas CR asks about in its survey, the category including in-car electronics generated more complaints from owners of 2014 models than for any other category.”

Consumer Reports goes on to say that the worst first-year infotainment offender was the Intouch system in the new Infiniti Q50 sedan. More than one in five owners reported a problem with it. Also, poor reliability performance of the QX60 SUV was enough to drop Infiniti’s reliably rank the most of any of the 28 other brands this year.

Ford and Lincoln both managed to improve the scores of notoriously hard to operate MyTouch systems. As a result of the improved systems Ford boosted its ranking by three spots to 23rd and Lincoln jumped by a very impressive 12 spots to 15th overall. According to Consumer Reports, in this year’s survey the Ford Explorer had a 3% complaint rate for its infotainment system, compared to a peak of 28% in past years.

Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey polls CR's subscribers, who indicate any serious problems in 17 trouble areas that they have had with the cars they own in the preceding 12 months. Consumer Reports gathers enough data on 248 models to predict which new cars will likely be reliable or troublesome, as well as provide insights and standings of major brands and spot trends. The survey is the largest of its kind; the 2014 edition generated information from about 1.1 million vehicles.

A full copy of Consumer Reports press release can be found here.