Nov. 26

Next U.S. Bound Alfa Romeo

Automotive News, has confirmed that Alfa Romeo will be bringing a midsize sedan to the U.S. market next June. Alfa says the sedan will be position between the 3 and 5 series BMW sedans, similar to when the Cadillac CTS debuted a few years ago.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, NADA will be closed for the holiday, remember to be thankful for all we have, especially V8 engines.


Nov. 25

FR-S to Remain Coupe Only, No Turbo Either

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Wards  was able to interview Doug Murtha, Senior Vice President of Scion. Murtha put an end to all the rumors about the FR-S coupe, stating there are no plans to bring either a roadster or different power train to market.


Nov. 24

Piracy Isn’t a Problem for Just the Music Industry

According to Autocar, Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth will be filing an Intellectual Property Theft complaint over the LandWind X7, which has an identical resemblance to the Land Rover Evoque (see below). Do you think he has a case?

LandWind X7