In yesterday’s post about Cadillac, some key changes the luxury brand is and will be making to its storefronts and sales process were covered. In this post, design and manufacturing improvements are reported.

In terms of new products, Cadillac already began making waves at the recent Los Angeles and Detroit Auto Shows with the reveals of the ATS-V Coupe and Sedan, and the CTS-V. Next in line is Cadillac’s highly anticipated CT6 flagship sedan, which is expected to reach dealer showrooms by the end of the year as a 2016 model. A new, unnamed small SUV is also in the works. Priced under the Escalade, the small ‘ute will be a crucial piece of the brand’s expansion plans, but is still a few years off. “Product development life cycles being what they are, I don't have a date in mind ― but I would estimate it is at least four years away,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen during his keynote speech from the Washington Auto Show, Jan. 22, 2015.

De Nysschen also stated that the CT6 will be unveiled March 31 at the New York Auto Show. Pre-production versions of the CT6 are already being assembled at General Motors Corp.’s reworked Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan, which the automaker recently invested $300 million worth of upgrades. De Nysschen went on to highlight some of the new manufacturing technology Cadillac is implementing on the CT6, which will ultimately trickle down into all future vehicles, stating, “For the Cadillac CT6, we have developed additional new body construction techniques and technologies allowing various types of advanced and lightweight materials to be combined within the manufacturing environment like never before.”

In the near future, Cadillac aims to utilize GM’s expertise of plug-in technology. De Nysschen let on that this technology would be applied across the spectrum of its portfolio. While the plug-in ELR is already on the road, de Nysschen revealed the company’s next step in reducing fuel consumption and C02 emissions is the implementation of stop/start technology across its model lineup.

Without any exact details, de Nysschen went on to say that Cadillac will introduce eight new models by the end of the decade. Nevertheless, it is clear that de Nysschen has a long list of ideas for Cadillac he plans to implement in the years to come. It will take time for General Motors’ premium brand to elevate itself to the top of the luxury market, but there is no doubt that Cadillac is quickly making moves to realize their goal sooner, rather than later.