Buy one, get one free? Well, not quite…but the deals are pretty good right now if you’re looking for a new 2014 Cadillac CTS or ATS sedan.  According to, a nicely equipped 2014 CTS can be purchased for as much as $17,000 off of MSRP. A 2014 ATS can be had for as much as $13,000 off, assuming the purchaser qualifies for all available incentives currently offered.

One of the best advertised deals is this Raven Black on Jet Black 2014 CTS sedan at Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac in Sacramento, CA. With a MSRP of $49,525, the sale price of $32,596 is a total savings of $16,929 without any negotiations. As for the ATS, one of the best deals listed is this Mocha Steel Metallic on Jet Black 2014 ATS at Greg Bell Chevrolet Cadillac in Adrian, MI, with a MSRP of $39,470, the sales price is $26,952 or $12,518 off.

Last fall, recently appointed Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen said the brand had no plans to lower its prices to improve U.S. sales. Remember, Cadillac raised the sticker price on the 2014 CTS by more than $10,000 compared to similarly equipped 2013’s. While the redesigned 2014 CTS was light years ahead of the 2013, the new German-like MSRP dissuaded brand loyalist and conquest buyers alike.

In an Automotive News article released in September 2014, de Nysschen stated the CTS and ATS were “segment leading” in design, craftsmanship and driving dynamics before going on to say he is confident legacy buyers who are unwilling to pay the higher prices eventually will be replaced by import buyers as Cadillac builds out its product portfolio and enhances its brand appeal by offering a better customer experience. With the current blowout sales going on, it’s clear luxury buyers don’t agree with de Nysschen, and drivers of German sedans aren’t willing to switch to Cadillac.

The two biggest problems Cadillac faces are that the CTS and ATS are overpriced and overproduced. While they’re great driving cars, higher MSRP’s have kept potential buyers out of showrooms. Cadillac’s been trying to reduce inventory of unsold ATS and CTS sedans for quite some time now, and even stopped production at the Lansing, MI plant where the CTS and ATS are built for several weeks in December and January. When the plant reopened, Cadillac reduced production to a single shift to make sure inventory doesn’t continue to stack up on dealer lots. AutoTrader also shows there are over 2,300 new 2014 CTS’s and over 1,800 2014 ATS’s sitting at dealerships across the country.

While it’s a great time to buy a CTS or ATS sedan, it’s also important to remember these large incentives do nothing but harm each model’s respective value retention down the road. Advertised deals, with piles of cash on the hood, are the most corrosive to value retention. With deals as good as these, who really cares? It’s a great time to buy a new 2014 Cadillac CTS or ATS sedan. Happy shopping!

A Note From the Author: It’s important to remember not everyone will qualify for these deals and that all prices and sale prices include all available rebates and incentives. In addition, these advertised prices do not include charges such as license, title, registration, state or local taxes, delivery fees etc. For the best available deal, you must check with your local dealer for more details.