We went to our local Cars and Coffee event this weekend and took dozens of photos of beautiful, engaging vehicles. If you’re not familiar with what a Cars and Coffee event is, it works like this:

  1. Bring your favorite personal vehicle and park it in a parking lot.
  2. Drink coffee.
  3. Enjoy the vehicles others have brought to the informal gathering of car nuts.

That’s really it. Seriously.

The original Cars and Coffee started in Irvine, California some 8 years ago. The spontaneous event took off and eventually folks who had attended or heard about the informal gathering of car nuts created events in their local area all over the U.S.

The event attended (and photographed) in this blog post is held in Great Falls, Virginia every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn.

Being that we love used vehicles, it makes perfect sense we enjoy attending Cars and Coffee events, even if some of the vehicles are not in our NADA Official Used Car Guide (we only give prices on vehicles up to 8 years in age in the little yellow book).  If you are wondering how much some of the older classic vehicles in the Facebook photo album go for, we've got you covered: visit NADA