The past year has been rough for Porsche purists. It started off with a shocking announcement that the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS would no longer be available with a manual transmission. This news was followed up by another report that Porsche was looking to move away from its naturally aspirated flat-six engine and introduce a turbocharged version. While these advancements are in an effort to produce the fastest, most efficient 911 Porsche has offered, the news has left a sour taste with the enthusiast crowd. In a response to this feedback, Motor Authority reports that a new 911 GT model will be coming. Featuring a manual transmission and a naturally aspirated engine likely derived from the 911 GT3, the model will cater directly to the driving experience. There is no announcement for when the model will join the 20 other 911 variants, but it is sure to please the traditionalist Porsche crowd.