Ford has taken the next step toward autonomous vehicle production this week, as it has moved from a research effort to an advanced engineering program. According to Ford’s PR representatives, Ford has created a global team to work on the Autonomous program, with efforts headed by Randy Visintainer. The goal over the next five years is to introduce driver-assist technologies across the product lineup in an effort to make roads safer and increase automated driving capabilities. Fords Autonomous driving technology enters the second of three phases and the team is now working to make the technology feasible for production, while also testing for refinement. Driver-assist features are an integral part of the building blocks necessary for semi-autonomous technology and Ford is proud to offer the most available driver-assistance features in four segments of the U.S. market. In addition to autonomous technology, Ford has also announced a partnership with Silicon Valley-based 3D-prinitng firm Carbon 3D. The collaboration allows quick creation of automotive –grade parts for prototypes and even production parts.