Volvo is looking to add some spice to their current lineup with new performance offerings to compete with BMW’s M and Mercedes AMG models. According to Automotive News, the company has purchased Swedish race car maker Polestar’s tuning arm. Volvo and Polestar have been working in motorsports since 1996 and in 2013, signed a deal that led to the production of the current Polestar versions of the S60 sedan and V60 wagon. The purchase promises to bring the Polestar experience to a larger group of Volvo drivers and is following suit of many of its rivals who currently offer sportier versions of their regular vehicles. With a sales goal of 1,500 units in the near future, Volvo and Polestar look to double the 750 units targeted for this year. The purchase does not include the racing unit which will remain under control of owner Christian Dahl.