Toyota set out to change the car game when it introduced its Prius to the world in 1997. Pioneering a new standard for alternative fuel vehicles for almost 20 years, the Prius has now become the benchmark and has recorded over 3.5 million global sales. Toyota has set the status quo again, under the night sky in Vegas, with the unveiling of the all-new 2016 Prius. Efficiency is the focus in the hybrid segment and this new Prius boasts tons of it. From smaller, lighter hybrid components, higher-energy density batteries, and a re-worked internal combustion engine, the Prius touts an estimated 10 percent increase in fuel economy.

Styled after a runner on the starting blocks, the exterior sports a new athletic stance with a lower hood and bold lines that carry into the rear spoiler. LED headlamps are now standard fare and help minimize the front fascia, decreasing drag. Inside, form-fitting seats and a wrap-around dash engage the driver with easy-to-use controls and high visibility. While the Prius has grown in size, it rides 0.8 inches lower than the previous model by using a more responsive suspension package. The all-new Prius looks to set the bar high, yet again, and maintain its dominance in the hybrid market.