The Acura NSX has seemed more like a fantasy than reality for the past few years. What started as a magnificent return to the sports car world, turned into a parade of seemingly endless concept cars with no concrete production dates. The fairytale is finally coming true as Acura announced the complete specs for the 2017 NSX this week. The new car shares very little in common with the original. It weighs over 800 pounds more and is now powered by a twin-turbo V6 that utilizes two electric motors at the front axle to develop 573 horsepower. The body is comprised mostly of aluminum with carbon fiber bits mixed into the roof and floor. Built to be an everyday supercar, the NSX features selectable driving modes, which range from mild to wild. Look for the 2017 NSX to hit show rooms in the spring of 2016 but don’t be surprised at the $170,000 price tag.